About us

Vardhman Sanskar Dham

Established on 09/12/2001 (Guajarati Month Kartak Vad 9 V.S 2058)

We are dedicated to work towards the betterment of the society. We have been active over the past two decade in various areas. Contribution of Vardhman Sanskar Dham in last 20 years is as under:

One part of animal welfare service is where our volunteers risk their lives to save animals being sent to slaughter houses. More than 2.30 lacs animals are saved in last 20 years. The rescued animals are taken to Panjrapole where they are looked after until their natural death. The other part includes helping the Panjrapole in infrastructure development like Bakri Vatika, Karuna Vatika, Godowns, Hveda, etc.  We are also running 6 ambulances for the animals in Mumbai. Contributed more than 100 crore in various activities of Animal Welfare Activities.

In Corona period we have introduce Chaturmasik Chovihar scheme for Kids in Mumbai, Encouraging kids during four months of Rainy seasons (Chaturmas) to take dinner before sunset for Better digestion, Better sleep, Early rise, Better health.

We have developed our Mobile Application in which they have to register their name and after four months we will distribute gifts by arranging function at various local places. In 2023, more than 12,000 children have participated in Chaturmasik Chovihar Scheme. From 2024 we are targeting 20000 children to participate from not only Mumbai but from outside Mumbai various cities of India.

For the overall development of around 1400 extremely poor and backward family’s Adivasi children studying in 8 hostel of Gujarat’s chhota Udaipur & Narmada Dist., various facilities are being provided like Food grains for the entire year, school kit and tuition fees, readymade garments and also renovation or construction of school and hostel buildings.

A program in which youngsters are inspired to prepare and distribute meals for needy and under privileged in the society on a regular basis from our own 12 Kendra (office) once in a week we prepared and provide free meals to needy people and our Malad and Kandivali Kendra started daily free meals distribution in morning from 2022, weekly approximately more than 5000 people takes benefit of free meals. In summer season we are distributing free Butter milk from various Kendra.

6 Animal Ambulance at present provide medical treatment to approximately 45000 injured birds and animals every year. We have our own separate building called Karuna Bhuvan at Ghatkopar from where these all activities are monitored and we have facility to keep overnight injured birds for treatment. Area covered is from Dadar to Mulund and from Vile Parle to Kandivali.

In India or Abroad where Pujya Sadhu-Sadhviji is not available for Paryushan Aradhana, for them Gurudev planned this activity in 1980 and the glorious journey is non-stop till date. In service of Shri Sangh our team visit various centres across India / world and conduct Avashyak Kriya, Lectures to touch Shashan and Soul, Bhakti Bhavna, Prabhu Mahavir Janma Vaanchan. With Tapovan Sanskar Dham, Navsari we are sending more than 30 Team in India and Abroad.

We have developed and managing 2 Vaiyavach Dham at Ghatkopar and Bhayander for Pujya Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagvant. More than 300 items are available in this vaiyavach dham and more than 2000 Pujya Sadhu and Sadhviji Bhagvant has visited in vaiyavach dham.

A housing project is undertaken exclusively to provide shelter and accommodation (in the form of self-contained flat) to lower and middle-income group.


By virtue of creating Vinay Nagar (Mira Road) and Rajeev Nagar (Virar) housing schemes , 650 sadharmik Families were helped to settle by giving them flats on ownership basis. In both townships Derasar, Upasray, Pathshala and Ayambilshala are successfully managed by Dham.

By these 2 Aavas Yojna for these 650 Sadharmik families, we have constructed new Shikharbandh Jinalay, Druh Jinalay, 2 Shravak Upasray, 2 Shravika Upasray, 2 Pathshala and 2 Ayambil Bhuvan by forming Vinaynagar Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Sangh and Rajeevnagar Swetamber Murtipujak Jain Sangh and we are also managing all activities.

Our volunteers personally visit all sites. Distribution of life support kits, construction or renovation of small houses, schools, dispensary etc., helping with medical facilities, providing monetary help, is all taken care of by our volunteers. Some of the relief work done by us in past few years include:

Tsunami 2005, Mumbai Flood 2005, Surat Floods, 2006, Bihar Flood, 2008, Bundelkhand Draught 2008, Uttarakhand Flood 2013, Jammu & Kashmir Flood 2014, Nepal Earthquake 2015, Maharashtra Drought 2016, Banaskatha Flood 2017, Maharashtra Drought 2019, Kutch Drought 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2019, Kerala Flood 2018, Corona Relief work 2019, 2020, etc.


Distributed more than 15 crore for various relief operations work during natural disasters.

For promoting healthy and timely food habits amongst the general population to discourage eating after sunset, as this is universally considered unhealthy. It has made arrangements by providing healthy food to the people before sunset through its various centres.

These are the following centre’s functioning for the above purpose:

  1. Bhavani Krupa Building, Opera House, Mumbai
  2. Devkaran Mansion, Princess Street, Mumbai
  3. Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

More than 1000 people are daily regularly eating food before sunset in these 3 centres. In Chaturmas and five Tithi, 2000 to 3000 people are doing Chovihar and yearly more than 300000 people do chovihar in these 3 chovihar house.    

Avas Yojna a historical work done by Dham towards Sadharmik Bhakti Area ,During corona period more than 5000 family supported by direct 5000 to 15000 cash payment to their bank account , additionally all Dham centre regularly supporting Local Sadharmik Family by Medical, Educationa etc


Arihant Krupa Tiffin Service

Our Ghatkoper Branch distributing daily morning Tiffin to old age alone people since 2015 Daily around 100 tiffin delivering to their home

Puja Anushthan a unique way to join kids towards Temple and Guruji. Since last many years every Sunday Bhayander Kendra is arranging Puja Anushthan during morning 3 hours we distribute various gifts to children below 15 years who perform Pooja in Temple and Vandan to Guruji. More than 800 kids regularly attending this at Dombivali, Vileparle, etc. Kendra are also arranging regularly thousands of kids joining our appeal for not to fire crackers in Diwali, not to fly kite on Utrayan, we encourage all kids by gifts.

P.P.Achrya Megdarsansurji M S Prepared Gyan Deepak Course based on Jainisam to encourage among young generation to study Jain Tatvagyan Twice in a year Dham arranging writing Exam in various center of Mumbai and surat Ahmedabad also More than 1500-2000 are participating in exam and successful participant rewarded by gifts 

Tapovan Vidhyalay day School is a C.B.S.E board affiliated school where all the C.B.S.E board standards are fulfilled and which has obtained Jain Minority status with which we can inculcate Moral Values in our education. Currently there are 6 branches operating at Bhayander, Bhiwandi, Jamnagar, Navsari, Ahmedabad and Surat. More than 4000 students are studying with our vision where education meets value. Our trust is providing various infrastructures to support higher education at reasonable fees.